The young people, volunteers and staff will work together with the community to create innovative projects to help build relationships and create community cohesion and understanding of each other. Looking at issues around culture, traditions, intergenerational work and understanding of each other.


Young people working with other young people to influence change and positive behaviours. Young people learning from each another, coping mechanisms, social issues, sharing friendships and enjoying and achieving together. Creating positive projects, schemes and youth activities for other young people to engage in.

Young people working with Youth in Action to develop projects around mobility, citizenship, cultures, traditions, understanding the European Union and working together with other young people across the world. Understanding mobility and gaining vast amounts of new experiences and skills.

Working with young people around the transition from primary school to secondary school. Supporting  young people who are excluded or on the verge of exclusion. Supporting young people finding it difficult to deal with school life for whatever reason. Offering young people Information, advice and guidance. Offering alternative education programmes for young people 11-16 years old. Offering Asdan and OCN awards and qualifications and up skilling young people. Working with the groups on community projects, first aid skills, basic health and safety skills and arts, sports, academic skills.

Working with the community and professionals to educate about healthy life style projects. Looking at sports, eating healthier, cooking, being active and having a positive outlook on life. Working with the community though physical mental, spiritual well being projects. Getting young people out and active in their local communities.