Enlight Youth Group was formed by young people, community members and professionals who wanted to create innovative programmes to engage young people. Allowing them to have new experiences, gain qualifications and skills, become active citizens in their communities and make a positive difference to their lives and the lives of others around then.

The group is made up of young people from various back grounds, ages and cultures. Working together to bring about understanding, and community cohesion in their local areas and the wider society.  

Our aim is to develop new and innovative projects working with the young people, the community, volunteers and partners. The Team provide specialist help, education and support to young people designed to increase their confidence, self-esteem, social skills and knowledge. We aim to get young people interested in the places where they live and to help them play a full and active part in society.

We aim to achieve this by developing and delivering partnership projects that:
  • Use environmental improvements as a means of achieving social and economic change
  • Developing young people to carry out social action projects in their community
  • Up skilling, training, passing on knowledge from one generation to another and peer to peer work
  • Providing a safe environment for young people to grow and develop without prejudgments and stereotypes
  • Understanding active citizenship
  • Learn and develop in a friendly and fun way

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